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Played this on my channel and made a fool of myself! :P

Liked the way you can freely rotate the view.

Lacks an undo button ! Always put an undo button in puzzles where you can mess things up. Outrageous to have to start all over again because just before getting the last item I double pushed a key and make fall a cube ...

Reminded me a lllliiiiiittle it of my favorite Nintendo similar game: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. 


This robot has BRiTE mind.


I totaly liked the look, feel and play of this game. I got stuck on the first level but only becuase of my own stupidty lol.




I got the game just now it looks amazing!

this is a nice type og geting dirtacted when doing noting


I loved that each level introduced a brand new gameplay element, and I think that really made the game special and fun. The challenging aspect of trying to get all of the wrenches really adds replayability to the game. Overall, I thought it was a great game and i would definetly recommend getting it. 


Yeah, good game!

You only should add a sign at the screen borders that foollow the char to indicate where he goes when pressing the "Up" command. Something like this:

The HUD is shifted on bottom to avoid overlaps.

Thanks for the feed back!

The character's sprite direction corresponds to where the controls move him, which is why I only made 4 directions for the sprite. I can understand there still being some confusion about it though, so I'll consider adding something to make it more clear.


as alternative, what about to lock views to 45 degrees only?