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This is a 3d puzzle game where you have to escape your house by pushing boxes, couches, and anything that is in your way.

There are 11 rooms to go through. You can use the rewind feature to help if you make mistakes.

This game was a part of my tradition of making a new game  every December.

Controls (Change in settings)

Move: Arrow Keys
Grab: X Key
Rewind: Z Key

Full-screen: Alt+Enter


Groverburger's 3D Engine (Used as the base for the 3d rendering)

Kevin Macleod (In-Game Music)
Jesse Spilane - Face Punch (Ending Theme)
Eric Matyas - soundimage.org (Sound Effects)
Work Sans by Wei Huang
VCR OSD by Riciery Leal
Luckiest Guy by Astigmatic

Walkthrough link, if you're stuck

If you like it, check out my other games :) https://alesan99.itch.io/

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Made withBox2D, LÖVE, Blender
Tags3D, LÖVE, Low-poly, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America, Portuguese (Brazil)
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


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Linux Download (.love) 13 MB
Source Code (LÖVE 11.3) 13 MB


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loved the game !! def will play more of yours ! i just wish this one had more levels bc i adore this type of puzzles, good work !

I like  the idea of this Puzzle game, I had my problems figuring out how to pass each room. I made a video if someone is interested in playing this. 

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Hello, love2d is available on Haiku. We at BeSly have a question. May we pack your games in an installable package. We won't make any changes, your copyright will remain. The only thing we do is to pack the Love file into an HPKG (similar to Ubuntu's packages), which contains the dependency on Love2d, as well as your information about the game, copyright, etc. We would then host it on our repo and send it directly to you send a link that you can then insert.

We would be happy to receive positive news Regards lorglas


Sorry for not seeing this sooner. If you're still interested I'd be happy to let you do that. There is the issue of the patches I put out occasionally, but those are rare so it shouldn't be a big deal. Apologies again.


Why you don't have Mari0 on itch.io ?


Don't want to make it more noticeable for Nintendo, plus it's a mod so I feel like it's better if it stays on the forum along with all the other mari0 content. It's one less page for me to have to update anyway.

Another cool game! Awesome!
Can i try port it to Touch Screen control? for SailfishOS ( as i does with your ClockWind  project =) ) ?

Sure, that'd be cool.

I've played a bit of the game, and I came across a bug:

game.lua:1034: attempt to index local 'b' (a nil value)

game.lua:1034: in function 'restoreRoom'
game.lua:646: in function 'loadRoom'
game.lua:116: in function 'update'
main.lua:84: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Steps to reproduce:

1. Finnish first level
2. Finnish second level
3. Play around in the third level, use the rewind feature
4. Go back to the door you came from the second level.
5. Error

Overall good game, got me thinking!

I'll try to fix that in a bit. The game autosaves so you can give it another try if you didn't get to finish it.


Really Enjoyed This Game!!!

Thanks! Your video had me dying haha


really nice game....


Part 2! (i beat it)


Good game!    

Thanks! I enjoyed your video. Shame you got stuck, I've heard that that's the hardest room. I plan on making a solutions video eventually.


Hey this game was great! the only thing I touch upon in the video i made is the difficulty seems to peak in the middle of the game then get easier again. but maybe that was just me being dumb which is very possible too :) 

Thanks, great video! I've had other people comment on the difficultly so that's understandable, I had trouble properly balancing the rooms.


Hi, nice game that you created here. I enjoyed playing that. Keep it up man!

Great video, I enjoyed seeing some of the different solutions you came up with.