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This is a platformer with a unique twist, the power of inversion!

Invert the level when you're inside "inversion fields", shoot baddies, and collect crystals as you make your way to the portal at the end of each level.
There are a total of 6 levels, and they get progressively harder.


To finish a level, you must reach the portal at the end of the level. You will have to jump (the longer you hold the button the higher you jump) and shoot enemies. You can invert the level when you are inside the "inversion fields". You can aim for an extra challenge by collecting all the crystals in every level, but this is optional.
Default Controls (Change in settings):

  • Move: Arrow Keys
  • Jump: X Key
  • Invert (While in fields): Z Key
  • Shoot: Z key

I recommend having the same button for inverting and shooting for simplicity, but you can change them if you want.
Press Alt+Enter for fullscreen

Press the "~" key to disable the chromatic aberration filter.

I tried my best to get this game out before the year ended so it might be a bit rough here and there, but I hope you enjoy it.


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Invertio Windows (.exe) 2 MB
Invertio OSX (.app) 3 MB
Invertio Linux (.love) 506 kB
Invertio Source Code 509 kB

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