A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Control a truck with your mouse to collect fruits as you drive. You must avoid going off-road as the screen pans or else you get damaged. There are a total of 12 levels, 3 for each season of the year. Each level has some thing new, whether it's a different environment or a new fruit.


  • Move with mouse / touchscreen
  • Health (bottom left) depletes when you go off-road or crash. Heal by collecting fruits or reaching a checkpoint.
  • Collect all fruits in a level to make the level gold in the map.


  • Playing fullscreen (Alt+Enter) with a mouse may be difficult with a low sensitivity, so make sure to adjust it to your liking. Changing it in your system settings provides better accuracy, but an in game option is provided as well.


  • Music from:
    • freemusicarchive.org
      • Komiku
      • Mid-Air Machine
    • soundimage.org
      • Eric Matyas
  • Programming, Graphics, and everything else was done by me

This game was a part of my tradition of creating a new game every December. Check out my projects from other years in my profile if you want


Windows Download (.exe) 10 MB
OSX Download (.app) 11 MB
Linux Download (.love) 6 MB
Android Download (.apk) 10 MB
Source Code (LOVE2D 11.X) 6 MB