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its a very fun game with some cool mechanics but im curious if your gonna turn this into a full on game

I introduced the game.

Very nice game, unfortunately not very long! Is there any chance for a level editor, so the community could extend the experience...?

i made a video on this, it was so gosh darn good, i loved it, this game is so so nice, i would be interested if you help me make a little game. 

You should add the open source and/or sourcecode tag!

Good idea

Hi! As i said before, i was public your game for SailfishOS =)

(If I reported you I meant to reply) can you make a apk?

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I download sources of your game and adapt it for touch screens ;-)
I wanna public it in for SailfishOS platform, with link to this page, if you do not mind )
Touch screen controls ( but without icons for now )


Sure, sounds good.

Let me know when you have it up

some screenshot of touch interface (from real device) =) before i public it 

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I liked it, it was fun and well thought, the time mechanic is very cleverly used, and every thing feel connected, like when the background change according to the time period. Feels a little empty without music though, you could use some copyright free music. I also noticed a little jittering effect when you carry an object, it's a little disturbing.

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) , i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks! Great vid

I'm glad you liked it .

This game is great man! 

Thank you!